Top Ten Tuesday: Book Festivals I’d Love to Attend Someday

Happy Tuesday everyone! This week’s topic is ‘Book Festivals I’d love to attend someday’ which has really made me miss attending bookish events in person but also it makes me so excited for the day that we can attend them again! Todays list is a mixture of events I have attended before and want to return to and others that I really hope I can attend one day.

This weekly thread is hosted by thatartsyreadergirl and this weeks theme was chosen by Nandini at Unputdownable Books so make sure to check both their blogs out!

1. Hay Festival

Normally held: End of May / Beginning of June

Hay Festival is at the top of my list of bookish events to attend someday! I have wanted to go for years but have never been fortunate enough yet but fingers crossed in the next year or so I will be able!

2. Stratford Literary Festival

Normally held: April / May

This festival looks so good! Based in beautiful Stratford-upon-Avon this festival is a slightly different addition to this list as it is full of celebrity authors but they also have a separate programme dedicated to children’s literature!

3. Felixstowe Book Festival

Normally held: June

How have I not attended this festival before? This festival is literally up the road from me and usually hosts a ton of my favourite local (or based in East Anglia) authors! I hope next year I might be able to go.

4. London Literary Festival

Normally held: September / October

I attended YA Lit Day last year as a part of this festival and I absolutely loved it so would love to return to not only that event but also others as a part of this festival overall!

5. Edinburgh International Book Festival

Normally held: August

I have never been to Scotland but I would absolutely love to and what better excuse to go than to visit the Edinburgh International Book Festival! How beautiful does it look in this photo!

6. Cheltenham Book Festival

Normally held: October

This festival is two weeks long and features a super exciting event called Lit Crawl where poets and writers take part in a lot of pop up events across the town which sounds so amazing and unique!

7. The Lavenham Children’s Book Festival

Normally held: July

Another local-ish festival for me which I would to attend! Lavenham is the most beautiful town so any excuse to visit is a good one.

8. Verve Poetry Festival

Normally held: February

I would love to attend a poetry festival to broaden my horizons and this seems like the perfect place to start!

9. London Book Fair

Normally held: March

This is a different event as it is mostly catered for aspiring authors but maybe one day if I can write a manuscript I could take it along!!

10. YALC (Full weekend!)

Normally held: End of July

Now I know I went to YALC last year but it was only for a day so I really hope that one day I can go for the full weekend. I was hoping to do so this year but sadly that is not happening!


What bookish events are you most excited for when they eventually return? Let me know in the comments! Thank you for reading and supporting my blogs as always,

Love and light,

Rose 🌹✨

8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Book Festivals I’d Love to Attend Someday

  1. Felixtowe and Lavenham are local to me too but I haven’t been to those ones either! I went to YALC for the first time for one day last year and loved it. I was planning to go for 3 days this year but it’s not able to happen this year unfortunately. Hopefully it will be back next year!

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